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Tree spraying & PHC

Plant Health Care (PHC) is much more comprehensive than just spraying and trimming trees. Typically the healthiest trees grow in favorable sites with proper watering.

It is important to consider Tree species requirements, insect development, and disease cycles before working on your trees.


Dormant season pruning and tree thinning is a key component to long term tree care success.  

When it comes to Tree care, we prefer to look at the big picture; considering several factors before spraying or treatments begin.

 Tree factors such as:

  • Tree location

  • Tree Stressors

  • Insect and Disease cycles

  • and many more

BIG TWIG Tree Care offers professional and practical tree care services and consulting.

Once a disease, insect, or tree stressor is properly diagnosed, it often can be treated with a systemic injection, contact spray, or other treatments. Tree spraying is precision work and should be done by a qualified applicator.


 BIG TWIG Tree Care always sends a qualified applicator to spray trees. Qualified pesticide applicators understand chemical labels, mixtures, and safety precautions.

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